MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer

This course is designed to individuals with the desire to gain in-depth knowledge on MikroTik firewalling, Bandwidth Management, and advanced quality of service (QoS).

This course aims to develop the skills of designing complex Networking security IDS,IPS and control several types of network attacks such as:PSD,SPAM,DoS,DDoS.

Also you?ll learn how to control the bandwidth using underlying techniques such as: Hierarchical Token Buket(HTB),Per? Connection Queue(PCQ),CIR,MIR,SFQ,Mangle.etc..

What is outline of this MTCTCE training?

  • Module 1 ? Packet flow diagram
  • Module 2 ? Firewall filter/NAT/mangle
  • Module 3 ? Quality of Service
  • Module 4 ? DNS client/cache
  • Module 5 ? DHCP client/relay/server
  • Module 6 – Web Proxy

For detail outline, please click this link:? MTCTCE detail outline.

What is the minimum requirement prior attending this training?

Each participant is required to have an MTCNA certificate to take MTCTCE exam.