MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer

Mikrotik MTCWE Certification Training Course is an advanced Mikrotik training class that focus on wireless. It covers wireless installation, wireless standard, tools to be used, troubleshooting, wireless security and other advanced wireless settings. You will learn deeper on the Mikrotik wireless capability. This particular training will have outdoor wireless practical task beside indoor wireless hands-on testing.

For those participants who pass the exam will have MTCWE certification. Please kindly note that in order to take MTCWE online exam, you need to pass MTCNA certification first.

What are the benefits of MTCWE Wireless Certification Training?

  • Understand the basics Mikrotik Wireless such as installation, standard
  • Get to know the available wireless tools for wireless setting
  • Learn on how to troubleshoot wireless clients
  • Learn on how to use advanced wireless settings
  •  Learn on how to secure the wireless
  •  Familiarize with Mikrotik proprietary NV2 Protocol
  • Your certificate can be used in other country since it is internationally recognized
  • Increase your chance to get a better job in an I.T. Networking industry
  •  Less expense since this training is cheaper than than taking the course in other country
  •  Less hassle since you don’t need to change money to foreign currency