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An Afghan based ISP is honor to offer fixed Wireless, Fiber, Microwave and V-Sat Internet Services all over Afghanistan.

Connect Faster

Everything you need to connect worldwide

Discover lightning-fast fiber optics, wireless networks, and more for seamless global connectivity without limits.

Fiber Optic

Experience lightning-fast broadband speeds of up to 10 GB per second with our cutting-edge fiber optic connection.

Wireless Point to Point

Enjoy flawless connectivity with our wireless networks, eliminating the need for physical cables for hassle-free browsing.


Elevate your internet experience with our reliable microwave technology, offering a dependable alternative to traditional wireless connectivity.

Satellite Internet

Stay connected with our satellite internet service, beaming high-speed internet directly from satellites orbiting the earth.


Experience the future of voice communication with our VoIP technologies, revolutionizing the way you make and receive internal calls.

Software Development

Unlock the power of customized applications with our expert software development services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Stay tuned for the grand launch

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Boost Your Connectivity

Discover Rahanet Hot Packages

Elevate your online experience with our high-speed and best-price internet packages, designed to cater to your browsing needs.

A different experience
in education

The largest online educational network with the latest educational resources and online support.

Access the movies
and series bank

Enjoy watching the latest movies and series alongside the live broadcast of sport matches.

Access softwares
and games of the day

Enjoy downloading the most up-to-date softwares from the largest reference in Afghanistan.

A Collective Effort
A Better Future

Making meaningful progress towards creating a society that is more equitable for Afghan girls and women.

Capacity building
and Social Justice

Will protect needy families and encourage street worker girls to gain knowledge, education.

Easier than before

Tools that will help you to manage your network easier.

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