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Frequently asked questions

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How can I activate a different package after my current internet package is expired?
To explore alternative packages, please contact Rahanet's customer service. Package changes require an in-person visit to Rahanet's office. For activation or inquiries, reach Rahanet's sales department.
How do I check the volume of my internet package usage?
You an access your internet usage details on the Rahanet website; navigate to the Support or Tools section, click on the Subscriber Panel item, and select your province.
What should I do if I encounter financial problems with my account?
For financial concerns, contact Rahanet's finance department to address and resolve any issues promptly.
Why does my WiFi disconnect frequently?
Frequent disconnection may be due to hardware issues or interference with Wi-Fi frequencies in your area. Troubleshoot by reconnecting your Wi-Fi signal or addressing potential device problems.
Why is downloading from specific websites slower?
Slow downloads from certain websites are unrelated to your internet speed. Some websites impose restrictions. Consider alternative sources or contact the specific websites for more information.
How do I proceed if my internet service package expires after official hours?
Call Rahanet's customer service to renew your internet. Ensure prompt payment the next day to avoid interruptions in your service.

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Our Offices

Explore our network of offices across five provinces.

Herat, main branch

  • Emam Muslim 20, Bank Khoon St.
  • Jebrail, Mohammadia St, between 5th and 6th Eastern Azadi St.


  • Shahranu City Mall, in front of Majid Mall, Ground Floor, Shop 007
  • Dasht-e Barchi, Sakhi Business Center, Third Floor
  • Kart-e-Char, Ministry of Higher Education St., Shahzade Shahr Hotel Alley
  • Arzan Qimat, Mahbas Square, Spinzar Plaza, 2nd Floor, Shops 11 and 12


  • Technical branch: Second floor of Spinghar Tower, Next to Pashtani Bank, Talashi Square
  • Sales and Finance department: Gadam Sangi Road, near the Department of Agriculture, Golden Business Center building, First Floor


  • Chehl Metra Road, Zabihullah-e Shaheed Square, Next to Qamar Shop


  • First District, Next to Azizi Bank