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What is Microwave?

Microwave links are used to create point-to-point wireless communication with wide bandwidth. A modern microwave link can deliver bandwidth in a reliable, cost-effective and flexible way with high capacities.

Imagine a world where the limitations of traditional wired connections fade away. With Microwave Internet, we break free from the constraints of cables and extend the reach of high-speed internet to places previously deemed inaccessible. This wireless solution is not only versatile but also resilient, providing a robust signal that transcends obstacles and keeps you connected to the digital realm.

At Rahanet, we recognize the importance of staying connected, no matter where life takes you. Our Microwave Internet service is engineered to bridge the digital divide, enabling users in remote areas to enjoy the same level of connectivity as their urban counterparts. From seamless video conferencing to swift downloads, our Microwave Internet service delivers on the promise of reliable connectivity in challenging environments.