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Rahanet ISP Company aims to deliver exceptional services and technical expertise across all stages of projects within the realms of WiMax, Wireless, Fiber Optic, Hotspot Services, V-SAT Internet, Network Projects, Microwave Internet, Domain and Hosting, Server Collocation, Web Designing, Consulting and Security Audit, Installation of Security Cameras, and Technical Support Services, all facilitated by its proficient and highly skilled technical team.

To ensure effective project management, Rahanet will meticulously consider the dimensions of quality, cost, and schedule. A retrospective analysis of past projects has underscored the criticality of an overarching blueprint that comprehensively addresses all facets of a project, with particular emphasis on quality, cost, and schedule, thus guaranteeing alignment with requisite standards and specifications.

Rahanet is committed to upholding the highest industry benchmarks and harmonizing diverse elements across all its projects, an imperative step towards achieving favorable outcomes. This orchestration encompasses factors such as adept personnel, requisite materials, established procedures, and suitable facilities.


ICT Service Launch

Initiated a journey into cutting-edge ICT services, paving the way for a tech-driven future.

ISP Services Commence

Pioneered ISP services, linking communities and businesses to the digital world with seamless internet solutions.

Enhanced Hosting

Hosted GGC and FNA servers, fortifying hosting capabilities for a robust, high-speed online experience.

CDN Introduction

Launched Amoozesh, Movie.af, and Software.af CDNs, improving content delivery and accessibility for users on various platforms.

The Birth of Raha Charity Foundation

Founded Raha Charity Foundation, exemplifying our commitment to community impact and positive change.

Raha Educational, Health, and Social Organization

Founded REHSO to create a society that is more just, sustainable, and equitable for Afghan girls and women.

Unleashing Fiber Optics for Blazing Speeds

Launched Fiber Optic project, ushering in a new era of high-speed, reliable internet connectivity.

Our Vision

We strive to set the standard for excellence as Afghanistan's premier Internet service provider. Our commitment is supported by a steadfast quality policy, ensuring consistent, surpassing service for our valued clientele.

Our Mission

We strive to set the standard for excellence as Afghanistan's premier Internet service provider. Our commitment is supported by a steadfast quality policy, ensuring consistent, surpassing service for our valued clientele.

Rahanet in Afghanistan

Our values

At Rahanet, we believe that providing exceptional internet services is more than just a business venture; it's a commitment to a set of core values that drive us forward.

Affordable Reliability & Consistency
Experience a stable internet connection without breaking the bank. We provide a seamless online experience at a reasonable price.
Customer Support
We listen, understand, and strive to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring you feel valued and heard.
Innovation & Technology Leadership
We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, bringing you cutting-edge solutions for a future-ready internet experience that meets evolving digital needs.
Community Engagement
We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Through partnerships, sponsorships, and local initiatives, we aim to enrich the lives of those around us.
Empowering Local Talent
We believe in the potential of our local community. Our team, composed of Afghan professionals, deeply understands and caters to our country's needs.
Transparency & Integrity
Open and honest communication is the bedrock of our relationships. We believe in transparency, ensuring you have clear insights into our operations, policies, and practices.

Our people

At Rahanet, we believe that the heart of our success lies within our dedicated team. Each member embodies a passion for excellence and a commitment to providing exceptional service.

Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry trends. Whether it's our customer support or technical experts, each member plays a crucial role in upholding our high standards at Rahanet.

Elevating Connectivity:
By the Numbers

Discover the impressive statistics that underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering high-performance internet services. At Rahanet, numbers tell the story of our excellence.


Driven by a Team of 400+ Experts

Our dedicated team of 400+ professionals ensures unparalleled service and support.


Empowering 20,000+ Customers and Counting

Over 20,000 satisfied customers trust our lightning-fast internet for seamless connectivity.

Connecting the nation

Service Area

Providing top-notch internet services spanning the entire country.

We’re always looking for awesome people to join us

Join Rahanet and redefine connectivity! Explore opportunities to drive innovation and be a part of tomorrow's solutions.